"Animierte Wiedergabe narrativ, komplexer Inhalte in eine grafisch abstrahierte Darstellung"

Recently I was overwhelmed by the movie "Interstellar" by Christopher Nolan with his impressive scenarios of the universe and a remarkable visual language. Space-time structure, gravitational theory, quantum mechanics, and so-called wormholes are discussed on the spectacular journey of the protagonists through space. 

It is striking to see that Interstellar has not titlse sequence, although this film offers visual potential. Title sequences are a very appealing tool, which are usually a work of art in itself. Because in addition to the purely informative enumeration of the credits and the production team, it prepares the narrative. It must be entertaining enough to awaken the interest of the viewer in a very short time. It is a successful combination of graphics, animation, audio and typography. 

I have dealt with this topic and created a title sequence for Nolan's "Interstellar". I've committed myself to a graphical abstract view, as a contrast to the realistic scenarios of the film.
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